Specifics Objectives

- To provide a conducive and friendly environment, for the orphans and other vulnerable children.

- To provide the orphans with their basic needs in life.

- To train the orphans with practical and vocational skills, that will alleviate unemployment and jobless ness.

- To help young people to discover their talents and skills, to help them become useful to the society.

- To provide access to quality education to the under privileged and empower them to be responsible citizens in the future.

Undertaken Projects

- We have developed an agricultural farm in which we grow plantains, potatoes, cassava and tomatoes etc to supply food in the orphanage quite often.

- We have developed micro-activities in our local area to generate small income for children needs.

- We have developed small capacity building classes to strengthen our children’s knowledge.

- We have developed a small playground to enable our children to play as any other children in the society.

- We have human rights lessons to help them to know their rights as everyone.

- We created a drama club where they can learn their culture as all Africans.