The ZCF Orphanage program is a combined project aiming to sustain development of the BATIBO local area, in the North West Region of Cameroon. These projects of about 800 000 USD aimed to build schools, health center unit, ICT unit, create farms, poultries, sports area and capacity building trainings and workshops to help about 200 orphans and 200 vulnerable children, and further more, poorest families living in that local area (help more than 35 000 people directly and indirectly).


In the year 2004, the property of one deceased couple were sold six days after they died by the family and the children of the deceased who were very young at the time, were left to feign for themselves.
These children faced all forms of abuse in the society and could no longer go to school. Some benevolent individuals in the village who shared the same feelings for these orphans rallied and contributed some money to send the orphans to school.
This initiative was further challenged as many parents in the community later on died as a result of HIV/AIDS leaving behind kids. This finally resulted to what became known as “achaan bi-bonne-afohyi” (Lucky Children Home); known today as Zion City Solidarity Foundation Orphanage (ZCF) Batibo.
This is how this foundation has been created, to bring our contribution to help the poor and vulnerable children. It has been operating for more than 7 years now, and is duly registered in accordance to the law for the creation Non Governmental Organization in Cameroon.


Dad MonMrs. Acho Florence Engonwei is a senior social service worker in the department of project and cooperation in the ministry of basic education central administration Yaoundé Cameroon. She is has Masters degree in Commonwealth studies and post graduate diploma in project management with a specialty in rural development studies. She is married to Mr Acho David Bah a senior service Telecommunication Engineer and are blessed with 5 sons.